We are all about Focus

And helping you get & maintain it

There's Purpose in the name

There are only 3 main sport/entertainment industries that hold shows with a Main Event: MMA, Boxing, & Pro Wrestling.  The Main Event is what all fighters dream of.  Its where you make the most money, its what the majority of the fans paid to see, its the platform to compete on, its the ultimate goal.  To get to this point you must train, hone your craft, you must become the best.  It requires you to be in the zone mentally to block out all distractions that can hinder this focus.  So we can call this state of mind The Main Event Zone.

Who we are?

We are a brand that wants to highlight the importance of focus.  We believe focus is a key ingredient to life's accomplishments.  It isn't a substitute for effort, rather it shields that effort from distractions and steers it in the right direction.  We wanted to create a brand that can be that physical representation of your commitment to focusing on whatever is important to you. 

This is not just some workout/sports brand, as focus can be applied in all facets of life. Whether you are studying in school, trying to find a new job or career, trying to achieve sobriety, needing to achieve a health goal, or fighting for what you believe in, focus can send you on the right path.