The Root of the problem

Lack of Focus can cause:

- Inability to perform daily tasks

- Restlessness

- Difficulty remembering things

- Difficulty making decisions

- Lack of energy

- Making careless mistakes

- Missing important meetings, deadlines, tasks or appointments

Learn the Benefits of Focus

How to combat lack of focus

Have ReMinders to focus

You choose where you focus. It's tough to concentrate when your mind is always in the past or worrying about the future. We need to train our mental resources to focus on the details that matters at the moment. Our minds go in the direction we choose to focus. You can set up or use multiple items to remind you focus the second you look at them and get you back on track (clothing lines, mugs, pictures/posters, metal signs, bottles)

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Create a focus driven area

Create a calm, dedicated space for work, if possible. Not everyone can have a well-appointed office, but essential oils, music, and adjustable lighting can help. Clear clutter out of sight, make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible, and try to keep your space neat and ventilated.

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Distraction Blocking

Your primary focus is to complete what you need to do. Shutting off both internal and external disturbances can help you to concentrate. Close social media and other apps, silence notifications, and keep your phone hidden from sight in a bag or backpack. Items to help you ignore pesky distractions (headphones, ear plugs)

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Get Organized

Write down what you want to accomplish each day, ideally the night before, and identify a single priority that you commit to accomplishing. This will help focus your brain on what matters, tackling the big jobs first and leaving the small stuff till later. Products that will help keep you organized so your mind can focus on the most important things (notebooks, item organizers)

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Get More Sleep

Many factors affect your sleep. One of the most common is reading from an electronic device like a computer, phone, or tablet or watching your favorite movie or TV show on an LED TV just before bedtime. Research has shown that such devices emit light towards the blue end of the spectrum. Such light will stimulate your eye retina and prevent the secretion of melatonin that promotes sleep anticipation in the brain.

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Focus Enhancers

If you're feeling groggy, grab a cup of joe or other caffeinated substance. Studies suggest that caffeine may, in moderate doses, help to boost focus.

You can also try a cup of tea, which won't give you the quick buzz like coffee but can provide you energy for a longer period thanks to the L-theanine chemicals in it that our bodies metabolize throughout the day.  These products have the ability to help you get the tunnel vision you need to succeed (coffee, energy drinks, vitamins).

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